Best Spin Bikes For Home… [2021]

Best Spinning Bikes For Home Use

4 Tips For Buying Cheap Spin Bikes

When your goal is to buy the best spinning bike for home, there are 4 “must-have features” I would look for…

  1. Your Spin Bike should be easily adjusted for comfort – Seat forward and back, plus up and down. Handlebars up and down, forward and back. It is important that your bike can be adjusted to your leg length, general height, as well as arms reach. [some of us have long legs but a short torso, others are the opposite]
  2. It needs to be sturdy enough to be stable when you are really pushing it – even when you bigger guys stand up off the seat while sprinting.
  3. The better quality spin bike will normally have a large weighted flywheel. [around 40lbs is great] Flywheel weight is important because it ensures a smooth pedal stroke – reducing ankle and knee strain. [Spinning is ideal rehab for knee injuries.]
  4.  Easy to use resistance system.

Best Value Spin Bikes We Found So Far – Available on Amazon

Sunny Health and Fitness – Check Today’s Price!

Bladez Fusion Fitness – Check Today’s Price!

Sole Fitness SB700 – Check Today’s Price!

Sunny Spin Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro

If you are looking for a no-nonsense budget spin bike, for under $300 then put the Sunny Pro at the top of your list.

This is an incredible bike for the price.

It ships stock standard, with many features you would expect to find on a more expensive commercial bike.

Its steel frame is built stable enough to allow even the larger-bodied spinners [up to 275 pounds.] to stand up out of the seat and pedal their heart out!

But it is adjustable enough for smaller riders to be able to do the same, an incredible bargain that will give you years of hard use.

Best Spin Bike For Home Use

For this low price don’t expect to get clip-in pedals, bottle holders, gel seat, or a fancy computer with heart rate monitor, as you would sometimes receive on the more expensive bikes.

Just a good solid spin bike that does a great job.

If you feel the need for a heart monitor or computer or any of the other extras you can always add them later.

Or enjoy the simplicity of this hardy little bike.

Put on your favorite spinning video, pump up the sound and pedal it.

Best Spinning Bikes

Cheap Spin Bike

If I was looking for another spinning cycle I would be happy to have a Sunny Spin Bike sitting in my lounge room.

They are the perfect [cheap] price range for a stand-by bike at home.

I could see myself using it on busy day’s when I can’t get to the gym or into the forest on my mountain bike.

Spinning At Home

If you are in the market for a low-priced well-built bike for spinning at home?

The Sunny Pro fits the bill it is market-tested and highly rated by most buyers.

Without a doubt, Sunny Health & Fitness Pro offers the best value of all three bikes we reviewed.

Rest assured it comes with a massive following of happy users.

There are now a lot of positive reviews to read attached to the Sunny Spin Bike!

Pros… The Good Points!

  • heavy-duty crank,
  • forty-pound flywheel
  • smooth reliable chain drive
  • comfortable adjustable riding position
  • hardly noisy at all. It makes a soft “whirring” sound
  • very easy to assemble – 20 minutes, all tools provided with instructions

Cons… Not So Great?

  • Warranty is only 3 months
  • uncomfortable seat if riding over 30-40 minutes
  • chain drive needs lubrication once in a while [has been known to squeak if neglected]
  • handlebars do not adjust forward or backward

There a few “Not So Great” features with this bike though nothing that would stop me buying it.


The one niggle that annoys me the most is the warranty.

This bike has been around for years, with mostly glowing reviews from buyers.

It is obviously a very well made bike.

So there is no practical reason to have such a short warranty period? (90-day warranty.)

Amazing Value!

Best Spinning BikesOn the positive side what I love about this bike is its value for money.

Sunny Health & Fitness has a solid reputation for selling well-made budget spin bikes at excellent prices…

When buying any spinning bike with so many features included as standard.

You should expect a ticket price around the $1,000 mark, but instead, at under $300, the Sunny Pro is one of the cheapest spin bikes available?

Gym Style Workouts

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is well worth a closer look it is a high-value spinner that is going to give you the leg numbing, calorie-burning, gym-style workouts you are hoping for.

It is designed to allow realistic indoor cycling though it operates with very little noise.

Your roommate will appreciate this if you share your house, you don’t have to worry about waking the whole house, making it one of the best spin bikes for home use.

I’ve had for a couple years… use 2 to 3 times a week… and have had no issues.
It was a great purchase. I do have some powdered graphite lubricant stuff I put on the brake pads to keep it from squeaking. That is it. (source: Amazon Q/A)

Top Features

  • Like many of the better quality spin bikes, you can easily adjust it to fit a variety of riders.
  • Soft-Touch Foam padded handlebars adjust for height.
  • Seats are fully adjustable for height as well as fore and back.
  • It boasts a basic but easy to use resistance system.
  • Plus as mentioned already a heavy-duty steel frame with wheels to make moving your bike a breeze.
  • The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is designed to support up to two hundred seventy-five pounds.
  • Measures twenty by forty-six point five by forty-eight point five inches.
  • The bike weighs one hundred & eight pounds.
  • Not too heavy to transport, or move around the house using its built-in wheels.

If your budget is $300.00 or less then you should buy the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro.

Bladez Fusion Fitness GS

Spin Bike Reviews

Bladez Fusion Fitness GS

Do you love the classes at the gym but find they don’t always fit comfortably into your hectic schedule?

Then take this bargain spin bike home.

Like having a Gym in your lounge room.

The Bladez Fusion GS is another affordable spin bike, selling well under $400.

Spinning At Home

It is the ideal spin bike for home use…

  • small footprint
  • inexpensive
  • super quiet.[for a chain drive bike]
  • easy to use

You will be pleased to see it has as standard – the highly recommended forty-pound flywheel which is excellent for the smooth injury-free pedaling.

Complete with an even easy to use tension system.

Like the Sunny Pro, it is one of the best spinning bikes to have at home it is sure to keep you in top condition between gym visits.

Chain Drive

It is a chain drive, which is typical of Spin bikes in this price range.

That said it is surprisingly quiet.

The chain is fully enclosed so you don’t have to worry about oil or grease spraying from the chain as you ride.

The steel frame is oversized giving you a feeling of stability when out of the seat even if you are riding on the thick, carpet.

Though I recommend using it on a rubber exercise mat – to catch the sweat and protect your carpet or wooden floors!

Video – Must Watch! Excellent Introduction To Spinning.

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It has an attractive design and painted Black or the upgrade model which is Red it is a smart-looking bike, often priced slightly higher than the Sunny Pro but it has a basic LCD Console, taking that into account I feel it sells at a very reasonable price.

The seat is micro-adjustable, with padded handlebars that give you custom positioning this bike offers all the comfort you need for those longer training sessions.

Pros…The Good Points!

  • New improved frame design with upgraded handlebar post and stem
  • Newly designed Dipped racing style handlebars with up/down and thankfully fore/aft adjustment
  • Ultra-smooth motion 40 lb flywheel
  • New improved anatomically designed Sport, seat with fore/aft and up/down Adjustability
  • Motivational LCD console displays; time, speed, distance, total distance, Calories with Scan feature
  • Water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels ensure it is easy to move from room to room
  • Leveling feet for uneven surfaces
  • Small footprint – 47.5 x 20 x 43 inches; and only weighs 85 pounds
  • User weight capacity is a generous 275 lbs.
  • Warranty is 1-year for parts, 90 days for labor

Bladez Fusion GS Resistance System

Its resistance system is super easy to adjust using just your thumb.

Design features like this seem small and meaningless, but they are noticeable, once you are pushing your limits… this is a very easy bike to ride.

Built strong enough to give you a home workout as tough as your spinning classes or can be ridden as easy as you like while reading a book.

The bonus of a spinning bike at home is you choose the intensity to suit your fitness level!

Commercial Spin Bikes

Spinning At Home

If you are serious about spinning and “purchase price” is not an issue you can compare two excellent commercial grade spin bikes … click through to one of our most recent reviews.

We feature the incredible Keiser M3 Plus Spin Bike and compare it to the Schwinn AC Performance Plus.

Both are amazing bikes.

The professional build and reliability of these bikes continue to impress Fitness Experts, after many years of Professional use in Gyms and Health Clubs.

Spin Workouts Burn Calories

If one of your fitness goals is to burn 500+ calories an hour, without paying gym fees?

Indoor cycling or Spin Bikes at home are for you!

Once you buy your own exercise bike you will be in the envious position of burning those calories as you increase your fitness or sense of well-being.

All in the privacy of your own home on your own terms.

No manic instructor.

Or lycra uniform required. [unless you choose too]

Best Spin Bikes

What I love most about researching these spin bikes is the realization of…

How little you need to spend to buy a top-quality bike from a trusted brand.

Because of the impressive features list on these bikes, I’m quite comfortable recommending them as the best spin bikes for your Home Gym.

But don’t just take my word for it – Read the Reviews!

These bikes are very popular, well tested over many years by hundreds of past buyers.

They are not quite up to commercial use but close to perfect for heavy home use.

Don’t let the cheap price fool you!

They may not be expensive, but the Sunny Pro and Bladez Fusion are excellent quality for home use.

If your budget is around $300.00 and you require an LCD Console Buy the Bladez Fusion Fitness GS

Sole Fitness SB700

Sole Fitness SB 700#(Update) – The price for the Sole Fitness SB700 has shot up the last few months, it used to be excellent value at $788.00 but at its current price of $1,299.99 – it is no longer a steal but it is often discounted to $799.00. Check the Current Price On Amazon.

Even with the higher price I still believe it to be a good bike, I especially like the 48 lb Flywheel and I Love Their Warranty! – Keep reading to see why.

Sole Indoor Bikes now cost a lot more than the Sunny or Bladez but you are buying a bike that will take your spinning to the next level.

The Sole Exercise Bike is one of the best spinning bikes on the market, for around $799.00 and a great choice if that is your price range.

Pros… SB700 Good Points!

  • Heavy 48 lb. Chrome Plate Flywheel for smooth resistance
  • Offers multi-seat and handlebar adjustments
  • Comfortable ergonomic padded saddle for long-distance training
  • Vibrant, easy to view console
  • Sole Fitness Bike with 48-pound flywheel and knob turn adjustable resistance
  • Integrated blue, backlit LCD console displays RPM, time, Kcal, distance, and speed
  • Console Display: integrated with RPM, time, Kcal, speed, distance
  • Display: 3 by 4-inch backlit blue LCD
  • Seat/Handlebar Adjustment: Up/Down; Fore/Aft
  • Pedals with toe straps – easily changed to clipless pedals if you choose too
  • Brake pads
  • Turn knob resistance
  • Water bottle holders
  • Frame: two-millimeter oval steel tubing
  • Assembled Dimensions: 42 by 21 by 40 inches (LxWxH)
  • Transport wheels – easy to move room to room
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: a very generous 300 pounds
  • Product Weight: 140 pounds
  • Belt Driven-It has an excellent Kevlar Belt, not a chain, is very quiet, no maintenance or oiling required!

Sole SB700

Sole Indoor Bike is a good choice for the dedicated outdoor cyclist.

The 48lb flywheel would replicate the riding of a real bike which is great if you can’t find enough daylight hours to put in the required road miles.

A cheap set of clipless pedals – clip in – and you have an authentic bike riding experience close to your real bike.

The quality and the extra features will appeal to anyone looking for a bike equivalent to or better than used in spin classes.

Sole SB 700

Sole Fitness SB700

These elements are brought together with a design that is comfortable and fully adjustable to give you an affordable spinning bike that lets you have a professional gym experience in the privacy of your own home.

Whether you do go to spin class at the local gym or you are a serious road or mountain bike rider you will appreciate the comfort you get from being able to quickly adjust the Sole SB700 to your specific needs.

Fully adjustable handlebars and seat move up and down, plus forward and aft.

A nice feature that lets you set perfect adjustments to your bike whatever your height or build.

The Best Part – Sole SB 700 Warranty

  • All service is performed in-home
  • Parts/Electronics: three years
  • Frame: lifetime
  • Labor: one year
  • Extended warranty available-sold separately

Kevlar Belt Drive

The bike has a heavy-duty forty-eight-pound flywheel which is chrome plated plus a Kevlar braking system for minute control over the level of pedaling difficulty.

The large flywheel and kevlar belt drive are two key design features that I love the most as they ensure a smooth and quiet ride.

Computer Console

As Well as riding smooth and solid, the Sole SB700 has great console features that normally come at an extra cost or are only offered on more expensive models.

These include the increasingly popular chest strap for on-screen monitoring of your heart rate.

It also displays pedaling RPMs.

Calories Burned Spinning.

Workout time.

Distance and Speed.

All useful information designed to keep you informed and motivated to push harder and do better every workout.

If you want Pro Quality, with a budget between $799.00 to $1,299.00,  Buy the Sole SB700

Spin Bike Accessories

MTB Mountain / Spin Cycling Bike Shoe Shimano SPD with Pedals and CleatsOne simple modification I would recommend you make to any spin bike is to swap out the standard flat pedals and add clipless pedals.

If you are a regular bike rider you probably already own cycling shoes or mountain bike shoes either of these combined with 2 bolt SPD cleats will work…

SPD cleats are a popular all-rounder cleat suitable for home spin bikes and most spinning classes.

If you don’t own cycling shoes as yet, but you are at the stage of comparing prices of spinning shoes…

Mountain Bike Shoes are a much cheaper option than dedicated spinning shoes.

Video – Why You Should Clip-In-To-Spin

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Spin Shoes

You can buy mountain bike shoes, cleats & SPD clipless pedals as a 3 piece set for less than a single pair of Shimano spinning shoes!

This is a quick, cheap way to get started with dedicated bike shoes with clipless pedals.

Once you buy this combo it is a simple job to swap the standard pedals on your bike to clipless giving you a riding experience very close to a regular road or mountain bike.

When you take the time to adjust and personalize your bike in these small ways you will begin to gain indoor cycling’s full benefits.

Choosing Your Bike

When you buy a spin bike with these important features you can be sure your bike will be as good as most commercial spinning bikes you ride at the gym.

But you will be able to buy it without paying “gym quality” prices.

The 3 spin bikes I review below all fit these criteria in some way.

They are fully adjustable to suit a large range of riders (important if the whole family will use the same bike)

Built solid and stable enough to be ridden as hard as you would train at the gym.

By the end of this article, you will be an expert on – How To Choose A Good Quality Spin Bike…

Best Spin Bikes – How To…

Deciding what bike to buy is as simple as choosing the bike with the best price?Best Spin Bike

Hmmm… Or Is It?

What if you demand a lot from your equipment? – will a cheap spin bike last the distance?

How do they perform with different body shapes and weights? – will it cope with your weight?

Will a cheap bike hold up to constant use?

In some cases, Yes, they will, but you need to buy smart to gain the advantage!

Once you start looking you will find there are dozens of cheap spin bikes for sale… it can get confusing.

Follow my buying tips, you will buy the best spin bike, Despite the advertising noise!

Spin Bikes Should Have…

Each brand offers slightly different features at differing price points.

At first glance, it would be fair to assume the price reflects the quality of build and design specifications?

Unfortunately, it is not always the case, You don’t always get what you pay for.

My aim is to make it quick & easy for you. To give a starting point.

By suggesting the 3 best spinning bikes I have tested to date – at least, Best Value Bikes To Date!

When you read the reviews, you will be able to make your decision based on solid facts.

Each mini-review comes with simple to follow guidelines explaining why I consider these spin bikes to be the “best bikes” for your money and who is suited to each bike.

Video – Quick Tips On Buying Indoor Exercise Bikes

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Bike Reviews

The spin bikes reviewed have a proven sales history along with an excellent reputation for quality and usability.

This is clearly reflected in the high satisfaction rating and thousands of positive reviews from verified Amazon buyers.

The bonus for you when buying from Amazon.

The list price is often discounted or includes free shipping to most states in the US.

Best Value Bikes We Found So Far – Available on Amazon

Sunny Health and Fitness – Check Today’s Price!

Bladez Fusion Fitness – Check Today’s Price!

Sole Fitness SB700 – Check Today’s Price!

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Xavier says

I bike a lot in the summer and fall, but winter is very long here and I can’t seem to get the hang of any winter sports. I like the idea of an indoor bike, but it looks like it’s quite a bit of money to spend on something that I’m not sure I’d like. Is there anywhere I can buy a used one?

okere918 says

Hi Xavier, I would suggest eBay for second hand exercise bikes but you will have to pay the freight I expect? some of the upright bikes we have listed are around $120 or so and some bikes qualify for free shipping so I would research that before buying used ? click on our category – Bikes – fitness bikes, to see the full range

Jamie says

This article is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been debating on getting a spinning bike for home and this brings up some great points. This is always my favorite thing to do at the gym but I don’t need something that fancy to get the job done. The price point on the bikes you’ve listed here is perfect. Can’t wait to look more into them!

Kay says

Thanks so much for this list. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I feel like this is the best way to exercise and get cardio at home. I like the SB700, I feel like I don’t even have to do research after this list. I just want something to be able to store and use as I need. Great info!

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