About Us

online-bikes-2Online Bikes Shop was established in 2014 with the goal to provide practical actionable advice and bike reviews to our readers.

There are many excellent cycling sites with amazing sound information if you are a specialist or technically minded. But I feel too many of these bike sites are speaking over most people’s heads they are exclusively over technical and difficult to understand.

I wanted Online Bikes Shop to be different – useful but readable.

You don’t need to be a pro rider to read our blog. Whatever your skill set or riding experience our reviews and buying tips will always be easy to follow…

My name is Ian and I’m on a mission to give you easy to understand cycling advice.

My Story.

I first became obsessed with cycling 20+ years ago when I started to travel. I needed a challenge, I wanted to stay fit, I wanted control over my transport… but it had to portable enough to fit in the hold of a plane at very little cost – I quickly fell in love with cycle touring… especially mountain bikes.

Now I’m settled with a family I don’t get to travel that much but I do live close to some of the best single tracks in New Zealand…

My cycle touring started a long time ago on a clunky cheap mountain bike that needed constant repairs it taught me the traps of taking bad advice but also taught me the basics of bike repairs and maintenance. I actually quite liked that old bike we crossed a few borders together before I gave up on it… but I would have preferred a better bike right from the start.!

The aim of our website is to ensure you don’t fall into the same bike buying traps, I did.

Instead, you buy a bike that has value, is reliable, fun to ride … a bike You are proud to own!