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 Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Bracket – $98.95

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Kryptonite New York

One of the best bike locks in 2018 to secure your bike in high theft areas.

Not only is it a good lock that resists the most determined thief.

Its reputation for toughness deters many experienced thieves from even trying to steal your bike, they simply move on to an easier bike to steal.

Normally the thief will look for a bike secured with a cheap cable lock.

The steel sleeve and crossbar construction will give you very high security for your bike.

This lock also features a disc style cylinder with a very cool anti-pic feature as well as being a double deadbolt lock.

It contains a 58-inch extra thick steel shackle and a lighted key.

It is 11 x 7 x 2 inches long and weighs just 4.3 pounds. It is a solid lock that is non-drillable and has a middle mechanism.

When you read bike lock reviews the majority of previous customers are happy with this lock and its ability to prevent the theft of their bike.

One user explains that they came out of class late one night to find that someone had tried stealing their bike, but they could not get the lock off of the bike.

In fact, the lock is so large, that they couldn’t even get the bolt cutters properly around the lock to cut it, nor could they cut through the black vinyl layer which is quite thick.

Video – Kryptonite New York Bike U-Lock – Spec’s

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You will be pleasantly surprised how heavy and strong this lock is if you live in a high crime area or have a lot invested in your bike you should look closely at the Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle Lock.

Don’t focus on the high price or the weight, splurge a little, buy one of the most effective locks available.

Other Kryptonite bike lock reviews from previous buyers were pleased with the simple things that indicate a quality lock.

The key for the lock slides in quite smoothly and that you don’t need any pressure to turn it. (this is a major selling point for me – keys for cheap locks often fail)

They also talk about how solid the lock mount is and how it can be adjusted in different ways.

Kryptonite Black New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock – $72.38

best cycle lock

Kryptonite Chain Lock

This Bad-Ass Lock is intimidating it screams “don’t mess with me” 

Originally designed to secure a scooter or motorcycle but many bicycle riders are now using them, they will serve you well if you regularly need to leave your bike for any amount of time in high theft areas.

The six-sided chain links on this lock are 12mm and are constructed of manganese steel which is hardened to give you the best strength.

Plus, the durable nylon cover with loop and hook fasteners to hold it in place protects your bike from getting scratched.

You’ll get extensive holding power with the hardened double deadbolt lock, and a sliding dust cover which extends cylinder life.

This lock also has three stainless steel “I” keys which will last the distance.

I’ve had problems in the past with bike lock keys failing before the lock is even out of warranty?

I got a new lock from the supplier, but first I had to cut my bike free to get it home!

Video – Kryptonite Chain Lock – Spec’s

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Many past buyers mention in their reviews…

This lock impressed them with its solid weight and how strong it looks – this is the type of lock that a thief would not be able to quickly or easily cut with bolt cutters or a hacksaw.

I expect most thieves would move on to an easier target, seeing it as to much hard work, to even try stealing your bike with a Kryptonite chain lock attached.

Kryptonite Legend Chain Padlock

Kryptonite Chain Lock

A customer who bought this lock to protect their bike in Beijing stated that “here bike theft is a national pastime”.

With this lock, however, they have successfully survived several attempts to steal their bike.

Whereas in the past bikes he had owned had disappeared – even bikes with several locks on them had still been stolen.

Secure locks like these two are often brought after the first bike is stolen for the “replacement bike”   don’t be that guy, buy it before your bike is stolen with a New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock securing your bike you can be quite confident your bike will still be there when you come back for it.

Or at least feel comfortable you have done the very best you can to secure your bike…

No matter where you live and what type of area you need to lock your bike in.

Kryptonite will have bike lock to suit your needs, you are are not limited to the two locks reviewed.

Kryptonite locks have helped secure bikes all over the USA.

Their bike locks are well respected both with bike owners and thieves – many older bike locks show battle scars from attempted thefts that prove their true worth.

Best Cable Bike Locks

best cable lockResearch suggests that there are two types of bike thieves in the USA.

Most of them tend to be opportunists stealing unlocked bikes or those secured with lightweight cheap locks.

A quality bike lock will keep your bike safe from these types.

But there is a small group of well-equipped professionals targeting specific high-end bikes.

Often stealing to order.

The bikes they target cost more than the average car.

It is very difficult to keep your bike safe from this type of thief a lock will help but you need to be smart as to where you secure your bike and don’t leave for too long.

When it comes to bike security lightweight cable bike locks get a lot of bad press.

They are often accused of giving a false sense of security – as they are so easy to cut… it is no secret, experienced bike thieves consider cable locks to be a joke!

This, of course, is a problem if you live in New York, or in any other City with a similar reputation for bike theft.

If you do live in a major city with a high crime rate you definitely need to use a better lock than a cheap cable lock.

best cable locksBut we don’t all live in New York.

For some of us, using the best heavy double bolt U-lock to secure our bike is over the top.

If you live in a low crime area and the bike you ride is just an average bike, maybe a little-battered & showing its age (no professional thief would want it?) then all you need is a bike lock that will stop opportunist thieves from stealing your bike, for this job a heavy cable lock is OK.

If you do own an expensive bike no lock is 100% safe, your best option is to try to keep it in sight at all times! Inside your apartment, at night or in a secure area at work if you use it to commute to work.

It’s common knowledge a cable lock on its own is not a very secure way to lock your bike, a basic pair of wire cutters will quickly slice through cheap braided cables, despite this, millions of cable locks are sold every year – Why?

Because they are cheap to buy, convenient to use, lightweight and easy to carry.

cable lock and U lock

If you live in a low crime area and seldom leave your bike for long periods – you may get away with just using a cable lock… Or you may not!?

If you leave your bike anywhere for long periods, I suggest you make the A#@*%&?s  work harder than that if they do choose to steal your bike.

A popular solution that works well in most medium to high crime areas is a combination of cable and U-lock, this combo will allow you to secure your wheels and seat as well as the bike frame.

This will discourage most bike thieves, they will simply move on to the next less secure bike.

Many cyclists in high crime areas are using this system.

A long cable to secure bicycle components ( thieves often target wheelsets or seats) combined with a larger U-lock to secure the frame and lock the cable.

Cables are available that have a loop at each end continuous with the cable, which  couple with a separate padlock or the U-Lock to lock the frame.

Buying A Good Bike Lock Is Your Only Hope If You Want To Keep Your Bike!

On Guard Bull Dog Bike LockAccording to FBI Statistics, 189,428 bikes were stolen in 2011 up 4.2% from 2010, the average cost of each bike stolen $367.00

Bike theft is becoming “the crime of choice” for many professional and petty thieves throughout the USA.

It is an easy source of money without the high risks involved with many other crimes.

If your bike is precious to you, expensive, or your main source of transportation, then you need to choose your bike lock with care, you can’t afford to penny-pinch when buying a lock for your bicycle, if you hope to keep it.

Video – Bike Theft In New York

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Bike Security: You can’t always control where you lock your bike, plus it is not possible to watch over your bike constantly, so the next best thing is to invest in the strongest bicycle lock possible to guard your bike for you.

Kryptonite 13mm Disc Bike LockAlso, it is wise to prepare for the worst, a little forward planning will increase your chances of recovering your bike if it is ever stolen, register your bicycle with the National Bike Registry.

“The National Bike Registry database is accessible to law enforcement throughout the country.

No matter where a bike is stolen, or where it is recovered, the owner can be identified.

The NBR Certificate of Registration can be used as proof of ownership if your bike is recovered, or for your insurance claim if it is not found.”

Unfortunately buying a bicycle lock is one area of cycling that you need to spend money to get quality.

But these higher priced locks offer you the best chance of being able to ride your bike home, even when you leave it in unsafe neighborhoods.

There are 3 types of bike locks to choose from.

# the first group, are cheaper cable locks these are a joke if real security is needed! they will only stop honest people from taking your bike – use them at your own risk!

# the second group look secure? they are heavy cable locks or lower priced U-bend locks, but these can be cut with hacksaws or popped with a hydraulic bottle jack, they are okay if you leave your bike for short periods in low-risk areas.

Kryptonite Bike Locks# the third group are the most secure bike locks – if you are determined to keep your bike in 2016 this is the best type to buy!

Well worth the extra money and extra weight, they are resistant to leverage attacks, hacksaws, bottle jacks, bolt cutters.

These locks are as secure as you can hope to get.

But neither of these locks (or any other bike lock) are immune to attacks from a well-equipped thief armed with a battery powered grinder.

The Kryptonite locks reviewed are bike locks we consider to be up there with the best.

The negative of these locks and others in their class is they are heavy to carry and expensive to buy, it is up to you to decide.

What Grade Of Bike Lock Is My Bike Worth?

> Click Here ! to compare the price of the 2016 Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle Locks, a very cool lock, Our recommendation for securing your precious bike in a back alley or mean streets.

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