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Video – The Science Of The Bike Fitter

The importance of a correctly fitted bike should never be over-looked you may not be competing in “Tour de France” on your new Hybrid. well not yet anyway but you want to ride with a strong efficient  leg stroke you will need to put a little time into finding the perfect fit when buying your next bike.

As they do in many areas of innovation Cannondale are leading the way when it comes to using technology to find the perfect fit.

GURU is the official fit science partner for Cannondale Bicycles. We utilize GURU’s industry-leading technology to optimize our bikes with data-driven frame geometry and component selection – using thousands of data points from GURU’s global fit network to maximize your comfort and efficiency while riding.

The GURU Academy provides GURU retailers with a world-class facility to establish operational excellence in utilizing the GURU Fit System – featuring a comprehensive curriculum and certification process to ensure that all GURU retailers provide their customers with the best possible fit experience. read more at

Whether you specialize in Triathlon or you have a high-end Spin Bike like the Keiser M3 that has excellent adjustments you will appreciate learning the perfect settings for the perfect riding position.

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