Cruisin’ USA – The Rise Of Cruiser Bikes…

Cruiser Bikes are rocketing in popularity among ardent bike riders and wide-eyed newbies – But what’s the attraction – Bright colors, big tires, cushy seats, easy to maintain, and a comfy riding position. Doesn’t that sound nice?

The only thing missing from this bright picture is the sun-soaked beach, sunspots, blond hair, and a longboard…

Cruiser Bikes

Denver Bike Night in Civic Central Park

Now in its eighth year, the Denver Cruiser Ride—which rebranded itself as Denver Bike Night this past May to be more inclusive—attracts upwards of 2,000 participants on a weekly basis throughout the summer with a different theme for every week inspiring the costumes and accouterments.

Now in its 14th year, New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tour de Fat has turned into a traveling two-wheeled extravaganza, visiting 12 cities annually and donating proceeds to local bike-centric non-profits. The event kicks off in each city with—you guessed it—a cruiser ride.

And as group rides like Denver Bike Night and New Belgium’s Tour de Fat expand, the kind of bike you ride matters less and less. And maybe, just maybe, there’s a worthwhile lasting impact beyond the party cups and hangovers.

All kinds of bikes are welcome at most cruiser rides. read full article

Video – Getting Into Cycling On A Beach Cruiser


Cruiser Bike forums, events, and club meetings are a regular thing worldwide…


Best beach Cruiser Bikes

New Belgium Brewery builds custom cruisers every year…


Schwinn Beach Cruiser

1935 Schwinn Motorbike

1935 brought a new model of Schwinn bicycle – the Cycleplane. It was an instant hit with consumers and this bike also was the beginning of new ways of creating quality bikes for Schwinn. They began using the steel welding of the airplane industry to create bikes now instead of the earlier process of brazing.


Cheap Cruiser Bikes

All Kinds Of Bikes Are Welcome At Most Cruiser Rides

Beach Cruiser Bikes are simply fun to ride, cool to look at, simple to maintain… A breath of fresh air in this high tech cycling world, where the latest mountain bikes are a mass of confusing technology that needs a highly trained technician to service them?

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