Cycling For Fun – Rekindle The Joy Of Bike Riding

Cycling For Fun

Cycling For Fun :

Do you remember when you last cycled for fun?

How to Ride…Let Me Count the Ways.

It is a well-known axiom that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Similarly, the way you ride your bike is dependent upon what you want to accomplish.

Get in shape, have fun, take on a new challenge, or share time with family and friends.

Most people bike one way, which is a shame.

There is a world of cycling once you get in the saddle and there are many ways to grow as a cyclist – if you are looking for a great bike for kick-starting your bike riding as a beginner or someone returning to cycling a Hybrid Bike is a great option.

If you’ve started cycling for competition, your focus is on increasing your speed or endurance or technical skill.

You invest your time in focused training with a definite outcome: to ride better.

The mind of a competitive cyclist is one that always strives to improve.

Whether a bike ride is fun is beside the fact.

The reward is the result and the result is based on how hard you work.

While it is not the traditional definition of “work”, you are still working at it – if your starting to compete in road races or triathlons you may be interested in our article on the Best Beginner Triathlon Bikes.

If you are a cyclist to make trips to the local library or store or to school, your purpose for being on two wheels is to get from point A to point B. The priority is on safety and ease of riding.

It is also based on the functionality and the reason for your trip, such as carrying groceries, a book bag, or a friend.

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Recreational cyclists have one goal: to have fun cycling.

To enjoy a beautiful day, share the cycling experience with your friends or family, to simply…ride.

This is how we all start our bicycling lives as kids, and sometimes we lose that aspect of bike riding to our detriment.

The real trick is…how do you incorporate the other two into the one you do?

If you are a competitive cyclist, when is the last time you rode without a goal, without setting your stopwatch or your odometer?

Try it and you will rekindle the joy of just going somewhere on two wheels that may be missing from your training rides.

If you ride a bike for transport, what if you leave earlier than usual and take the long way with no idea where it might take you?

Finding new paths or neighborhoods, becoming a part of the scenery from the street level can provide new-perspective and who knows what you might find.

What if your ride has become boring, what if you try shaving a full two minutes off your commute one day?

You may find it connects with your competitive juices and the challenge is like finding something new within yourself.

You may even find that riding fast suits you or just give your health a quick kick in the pants.

If you cycle for fun, how can you make a game of it?

Race your friends or your family and see how that amps up your drive.

Or replace your drive to the store with a bike ride and see how good it feels to save gas, the environment, the good you are doing for your heart, once you are cycling for fun you begin to feel the full benefits of bike riding.

Being a cyclist is more than just getting on your bike.

It is a mentality that every time and in every way you ride it is for your best interests and every minute you invest in it will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

So the real challenge we face as cyclists, how do we use it to more fully become who we are?

Find your own way and always remember, to live is to ride and to ride is to live.

About the Author Ian

Ian is the Chief Editor here at OnlineBikesShop, a reformed Cycle Traveler... now a dedicated stay-at-home dad of a very active 5 yr old, a keen mountain biker with a passion for all types of bikes, the outdoors, and keeping fit...

Bart says

I think just about every kid in America knows how much fun it is to ride a bike 🙂 Not sure how so many adults have forgotten though! My girlfriend and I love to ride bikes together, it’s a great outdoor activity, we can support each other’s desire for a healthy lifestyle, and it’s a really cheap fun date. If you like to ride bikes, why not try and introduce weekend afternoon bike rides into your relationship?

okere918 says

Hi Bart, thanks for your comment and ideas – more adults do need to reconnect with simple activities like bike riding both for fun and for exercise

Tim says

Great article! Seems like most cycling articles focus on the health benefits, or the environmental benefits. I keep thinking “why can’t riding a bike just be fun?”

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