DIY Bike Repair Tip – Disc Brake Quick Adjust

Video – Simple Disc Brake Adjustment

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DIY Bike Brake Repair

One lesson we as bike riders learn very quickly is basic bike repair knowledge is essential or at least you need to have a “can do attitude” when it comes to minor bike repairs or adjustments.

Breaking down and limping home on a damaged mountain bike is all part of riding.

But if you have the time I suggest you invest in your own knowledge base and complete some kind of course on bike maintenance.

Learn basic bike repair skills before you need them, don’t get stuck on the side of the trail with a broken bike.

Disc Brake Adjustment

A rubbing disc brake rotor can range from minor annoyance to safety issue.

Luckily, there’s a quick fix that works on hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes alike.

This clever technique uses the caliper to center itself around the rotor, letting you continue your ride in peace.

1. Make sure your wheel is square and secure in the dropouts, and that your rotor is true, before making any adjustments.

2. Loosen the two 5mm caliper mounting bolts so the caliper is free to move.

3. Squeeze and hold the brake lever as you re-tighten the caliper bolts.

4. Give the wheel a spin and marvel at your silent brake!

Simple DIY Bike Repairs

Simple fixes are embarrassingly easy to solve once you have been shown how to do it!Bike Disc Brake Repairs

And those simple fixes are often all you need to keep your bike going in most cases until you get it back to your bike mechanic.

Or better still your own workshop in your garage or basement where you can fix it your self.

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