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If you ride an e-bike solely for environmental reasons then you will love the latest trend sweeping through the cycling world – the return of the bamboo bike… learn how to build your own bike frame using eco-friendly bamboo

Bamboo Bike Club offers unique workshops in London, wants to visit, and leaves with a bespoke frame for commuting to work or cycle travel?

Tucked away in a workshop just across the River Lea from the Olympic Park is perhaps the most unique bike workshop in London. For the past four years, people have been visiting the Bamboo Bicycle Club to make their own bespoke bike frame from the giant woody grass, and demand remains high, with the weekend workshops booked out months in advance.

Doing it yourself is a key part of the Bamboo Bicycle Club – there’s no option to purchase a ready-made bike. You can either sign up for the two-day workshop or buy a home-build kit. At the end of the weekend workshop, you will have constructed whatever kind of frame you want from scratch, with the level of customization on offer a major part of the appeal. Then there’s the bamboo itself.

While it’s not most people’s first thought as the ideal material for a bike, it’s actually more or less perfect. With the natural suspension, it delivers an incredibly comfy ride. I can testify to that myself, having ridden my traditional road bike to the Bamboo Bicycle Club, where I tried out a bamboo fixie and was shocked to find out how much smoother the latter ride was. Bamboo is also light, sustainable, and far more durable than you might expect. I spoke to the club’s founder, James Marr. source

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