How To Fix A Flat Tyre


If you have ever ridden a bicycle then I’m sure you have experienced a flat…

How various people cope depends on their skills and experience in fixing them…

Bike repairs don’t have to be an ordeal you just need to plan ahead and be prepared both with the correct tools and skills.

Video – Simple Method For Fixing Flat Tires

Our quick-and-easy, no-fail way to swap a punctured tube If you do even a moderate amount of riding, you are going to get a flat tire at some point. What you’ll need: • a new tube • 2 tire levers • a floor pump, hand pump, or CO2 cartridge and inflator Flat tires will happen, but if you learn how to fix ‘em, it’s not a deal breaker. (For Presta valves remove retainer ring if you have one. read full article


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