Flat Tires May Become ‘Just A Bad Memory’

Tire Repair

I’m sure you will agree…

There is nothing more annoying than a flat tire.

But punctures and repairing your tire on the side of the road may become a thing of the past, just a nasty memory, an over-sold story of “cycling hardship” you bore your Grandkids with…

Thanks to the soon to be developed Ever Tire and Nexo Tire. They are available for pre-order as part of a Kickstarter campaign, a complete rim and tire only costs $75.00

No More Flats

Bicycle tires are a weak link in the cycling world.

More often than not, a flat tire is the death sentence for a bicycle whose owner doesn’t have the tools or the know-how to fix the flat.

If an owner brings the bike it into the shop to be repaired, the busted tire is thrown in the refuse pile joining the approximately 1.3 billion bicycle tires that are disposed of every year because they have cracks or puncture marks.

Airless Tires

Ever Tires is an airless tire that promises to deliver a smooth ride that rivals an inflated tire.

The modified solid tire design is comprised of a polymer blend with a series of holes that have been engineered to offer exceptional control and outstanding durability.

Each EverTire is expected to last for up to 5,000 miles as compared to approximately 3,000 miles for a standard rubber tire.

The Ever tires don’t use air which means of course that there are no leaks, so owners can ride over pins, nails, and other materials that usually would punch a hole and cause a leak in a standard rubber tire.

Specialized Rims

Ever Tire sounds like the cat’s meow, but it has one drawback — each tire needs a specialized rim to accommodate the airless design.

The rim is included in the price of the tire, so there are no hidden costs to ownership, but it is wasteful.

When you switch over to Ever Tires, you inevitably end up with an extra set of tires and rims that are headed to the back corner of the garage or the dump.

Nexo is aware of this problem and has created the Nexo Tire, another type of airless tire that is designed to fit on your existing rims.

Ever Tire and Nexo Tire

Ever Tire and Nexo Tire are available for pre-order as part of a Kickstarter campaign.

Both tires are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate youth, off-road and road bicycles.

All Nexo Tire models are available for $75, while pricing for the Ever Tire package starts at $76 for a 12-inch or 16-inch version compatible with a child’s bike.

Next expects to begin delivering both the Ever Tire and the Nexo Tire in January 2017. source

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