How To Hang A Bicycle In Your Garage

Video – How To Hang Your Bike In Your Garage

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You can use the SteadyRack System to mount your bicycle, on your garage wall or anywhere you like that has a solid base for the mounting screws.

To Check The Price of the wall mount “SteadyRack” system as seen in the video Click Here!

Or for a Budget DIY Bike Hanger buy a few large bike hooks from  Home Depot and fix the hangers to your rafters in your garage or floor joists if in the basement.

You need to position the hooks as close to the walls as feasible so the hanging bikes don’t don’t take up all the pedestrian space in your garage. Other wise you will be bumping your  head on the bikes as you get in and out of your vehicles.

This a is a quick easy solution if you are a handy Guy or Gal…

Not to mention it costs less than $4 a bike to hang! Here’s our bike storage system before the magical hooks… Our mountain bikes rested against the back wall and the tandem lived in the middle. Oh, and that 4 wheeler is my parents’, it does not live permanently in our garage, thank goodness!

Tools You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure

And 2 large bike hooks per bike

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You could use an electronic stud detector to find the rafters and providing the rafters are running the right way you would not need the plywood squares as shown in the photo…

If it is a two story house there will be floor joists quite close together – very easy to find good solid timber to screw the bike hangers into


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