How To Buy A New Bicycle – That You Actually Want !

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Buying your first spin bike or even replacing your existing road or mountain bike is an exciting time…

But if you rush the process, it can be fraught with hidden problems and puzzling questions… or worse still “Buyer Remorse”

Before you visit any bike stores you should decide the type of riding you expect to be doing, then set the budget, then start visiting bike stores…

Beware of “Shiny Thing” syndrome we all suffer from it at some stage in our lives, the fix for this is self-awareness.

What I do, is pay by cash, not credit, card – this stops the impulse upgrade the salesmen may try to push on you…

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Start by deciding which of the most common bike types makes sense for you—mountain, road, hybrid, or city/commuter. Next, factor in your cycling goals. Consider things like what kind of terrain you’ll ride most, what distance you want to cover, and what you want to accomplish.

Budget, for More Than Just the Bike Decide, how much money you want to invest in your cycling goals before you start shopping. Then, regardless of your budget, allocate about two-thirds of it to the bike. You’ll want the rest for accessories—because, no matter your price range, you still need basics like a helmet, a pump, a water bottle, and bottle cages.

Test Lots of Models Bike shopping is a lot like buying a house or car—you should rarely purchase the first model you see. If you’re still riding the same clunker that’s been in your garage since high school, almost any new bike is going to feel amazing, but that’s only because the technology has come a long way. On the other hand, an unfamiliar bike at the shop might feel wrong just because it’s different. read full article

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All you need to Get It Right is a firm view of how you will use the bike, a set budget, a clear idea of the type of bike needed.  As well, a little knowledge of basic bike anatomy and bike maintenance would be useful…  when talking to the bike sales staff.

This empowers you to act in your own interest, with their help and advice to decide the ideal bike for you !

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