Diamondback Insight 2 – Read Our Quick Review !

Diamondback Insight 2, 2016 – $425.00 – $500.00

Diamond Hybrid BikeDiamondback Bicycles has a long proud history of producing reliable well-built bikes of all types…

Two of my earlier mountain bikes were built by Diamondback they proved their worth and took the knocks.

The Diamondback Insight is no exception it is put together using  Shimano components on a rugged alloy frame the bike is built light but strong to take constant use.

Here’s The Deal :

The Diamondback Insight 2 is classed as a Performance Hybrid which means if you are looking for a well built reliable all-rounder for around $500 you won’t find a better deal.

Its quality of build is up there with the best, owning one gives you a versatile fun bike for family rides and I would expect problem free commuting due to the quality Shimano components. If you don’t expect too much you can venture onto the occasional easy fire trail, but in reality, they are at their best when set-up for Cycle Touring, Racing or as an Entry Level Triathlon Bike… They truly are that versatile !

Though often touted as road/mountain bike or two bikes in one ?

In my opinion, Mountain Biking is one thing they are not really suited for because of the gearing and the large wheel size and lack of suspension… Most hybrid bikes, however, you modify them, are only suitable for very easy nontechnical mountain bike trails, if you are expecting to climb steep, gnarly single tracks, and want to enjoy doing so – you should look at specialist mountain bikes.

The Best Part ?

The Diamond Insight 2 like many in the Performance Hybrid class will suit a wide range of non-technical bike riders – road riding,  daily commute, the occasional not too challenging off-road ride along a fire trail.

What I would love to use it for is cycle touring.

To me, this is what they are especially suited to… the larger-diameter 700c wheels, comfortable seat, and riding position, ensures it is easy to ride on flat to rolling roads.

This makes it ideal for long rides and a much better choice than the cheap mountain bike I used for cycle touring .

But even if you have no interest in cycling through Asia for 6 months… I would still recommend it for beginner riders or those of you who haven’t the need for a specialist bike.

Diamondback Insight 2 – Check Today’s Price

Video Review of the popular 2011 and 2012 Diamondback Insight 1 and 2 – Excellent Background Information still relevant today…

Video – Must See… Buying Tips For Insight 1 and 2

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Technical Details:  Diamondback Insight 2

  • 6061-T6 Butted Aluminum Performance Hybrid frame with a formed/hooded top tube, an integrated headtube, and vertically compliant stays (VCS).
  • Shimano components including cranks, bottom bracket, brake levers, 8spd shifters, cassette, and derailleurs.
  • Double wall rims built to take the knocks from rough roads and pot holes as well as the weight of larger riders.
  • Easy to maintain alloy brakes.
  • Over sized 31.8mm handlebar and 3D Forged 7° stem.
  • Hybrid saddle with a gel top will provide a comfortable ride when you are on your next cycle tour.

Who should Buy The Insight 2

How you use it is only limited by your imagination.

If you are looking for a hybrid for Daily Commuting, Fitness Training, Weekend Rides with the family or want to set it up for Epic Adventures, Cycle Touring, or fit a set of clamp-on aero bars to make an Entry Level Triathlon Bike… They truly are that versatile !

Diamondback Insight 2 will do it all, It is rare to find such a strong versatile bike for such a low price especially with the quality components you will find on all Diamondback Insight Models.

Bike arrived on time and in great condition. I don’t know if all of the bikes are shipped this way but the only assembly required mounting the handle bars, installing the seat, mounting the front tire, hooking up the brake cables, and some minor adjustments to fit the bike. Road the bike the next day for about 8 miles and really enjoyed the smooth ride and the disk brakes. source: Amazon verified buyers review.

This  one of the few Hybrids I would recommend at this low price point, a great buy at $425 – $500 (online price)  – Just choose your color and enjoy years of  problem free riding.

Diamondback Insight 2 – Check Today’s Price

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Josh says

You are right it is indeed one of the best hybrid bikes right now and honestly for the price it costs it’s not even that expensive because it can keep up even with bikes worth ~1000$.

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