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Spinning Workouts

Spinning is an amazing way to stay in shape whether you are a road-hardened cyclist in fancy new spinning shoes pedalling like crazy in an effort to maintain off-season fitness or a sedentary fitness phobic that wants to turn their life around with a little exercise twice a week. – Spinning is for Both Of You…

No other low impact exercise burns fat as efficiently as indoor cycling… What I really love about Spinning is the fact it is fully accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels whatever your body mass…

 Expert tips to check your form, blast more fat, and stay injury-free

The group energy and dynamic of a cycling class can make it feel like a competitive sport, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the Tour de France and you shouldn’t feel pressured to outperform your classmates. Make the ride your own by setting reasonable expectations and sticking with them, Dawson says. “Make today’s ride about your fitness level and body’s needs for today. Balancing your performance on the bike will help you adhere to a cycling program for longer and get you more results.”

Standing positions during your ride should be as close to your perfect seated position as possible. “Don’t stand and lean forward,” Figueroa says. “As soon as you come forward, all the work goes into your knee joint, which doesn’t allow the power of your muscles in the hip joint to take over.” When you stand, you should still feel the nose of the saddle bumping against the back of the inner thighs, he explains. read full article

Keiser Spin Bike

Video – Excellent Spin Routine For Beginners

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Spinning Class

If you are new to spinning or spin bikes it can be quite intimidating to rock up to a new class and mix it with super fit hyped up spinners – the article on will help steady your nerves.

Full of excellent tips on spinning etiquette and avoiding injuries…

The alternative is to buy your own spin bike and Indoor cycling shoes so you train in the privacy of your own home to a timetable that suits you if have the funds.

Best Spin Bikes

If you are thinking of buying a spin bike, but not to sure which spin bike is best for you?

You will pick-up valuable tips if you take a quick look at a recent review I did of 3 high value/low-cost spin bikes available online. They are an ideal first bike if you are on a tightish budget… in my opinion either one of these 3 could be the “Best Spin Bike” for your home Gym?

If you’re not restricted by the price? you can’t go past a Keiser Spin Bike – this amazing pro bike is equal or better than what you would get to ride at the Gym.

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