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Video – How To Install A New Chain

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The video covers, How to remove your old chain, How to measure and cut to length the new chain, How to install the new chain…

Chains are made up of a repeating series of inner plates, a roller, a chain rivet (also call a “pin”), and outer plates. The chain rivet presses into both outer plates, but the rivet slides freely through the inner plates and the roller. Chains have a small amount of play at each link, even when brand new. As a chain is ridden, it wears the rivets, and the play at each link increases. This is sometimes called “stretch,” although the plates do not literally become longer. A worn chain will not engage the cogs correctly, and will eventually slip over the cog teeth when pressure is applied. To check chain wear, use the CC-2 Chain Checker, or the CC-3.2. New chains can be fitted to the bicycle, although new chains are longer than required and must be shorted to the correct length. read full article

Drive replacement rivet into the chain, the replacement rivet will drive out the original rivet if it was left in chain continue to drive until chain tool pin is almost adjacent to outside plate.

The photo of the rivets (pins) is for reference only, your new chain will be supplied with the correct joining rivet. The breakpoint can be clearly seen in each rivet

Break off pilot of connecting rivet. With Park Tool, use groove, in the body of CT-3.2 or CT-5 and twist pilot sideways. Pliers can also be used to break rivet. Inspect rivet again and press further if necessary.

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