Mountain Biking in National Parks!


International Mountain Bicycling Association

It’s taken a bit of effort to convince those with the power…

However, over the past few years, rules and regulations in national parks across America have grown more welcoming to two-wheeled visitation, permitting the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and other groups to build trails for a new population of park-goers.

Soon… Wherever you travel in wilderness areas you just might see “Bikes Welcome” signs? instead of those sole destroying versions – red, a circle with a line through it

So get together your camping gear and Bear repellent – Go find a National park to ride. has a full list of available trails.

“There are 40 national parks where you can mountain bike on singletrack or dirt roads, so it’s a lot more widespread than people realize,” says Mark Eller, IMBA’s communications director.

“Most people don’t know there’s mountain biking in National Parks,” or that bans have lifted, he says, “but there also hasn’t been much good mountain biking in those parks until recently.”

IMBA signed a partnership agreement with the National Park Service (NPS) six years ago to develop and enhance more mountain bike opportunities, and has been chipping away at trails ever since. read full article

Video – William Davis biking in Arches National Park

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