The Quadlock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone

Keiser Spin Bike

The Quadlock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone is an excellent accessory if you need your phone in reach as you ride either outside on your road bike or could be fitted to a spin bike if that is your thing, check your email and messages as you grind away on your sparkling new Keiser Indoor Bike.

Perfect, for those of you who need to be in constant contact with family or the office…  or if you want to navigate and track your progress as you blast through the latest single track discovery – You can do all this with a quality phone mount.

The cheap and cheerful mounts will hold your phone on the bike but they won’t be waterproof with easy access to all your phone’s controls.

So research and shop around before you buy…

Smartphones can really enhance your riding experience. If set up correctly, they’ll assist you with bike navigation and will collect a bunch of metrics like speed and distance – and if you want, you can even track your ride. Smartphones are not just great for navigation and data, I like having them on my handlebars so that I can briefly catch my incoming calls and messages while I ride.

Waterproofness Some cases are 100% waterproof which can be a good idea because rain can start to fall pretty quickly. A waterproof mount also means you won’t need to stop and put your phone in a safe place. The drybag design isn’t the most user-friendly because it blocks the speakers and microphones from your phone. If you want to go waterproof, I’d suggest a hard case with an enclosure. read full, article

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