Spend The Day With Amsterdam’s New ‘Bicycle Mayor’

Amsterdam’s new cycling mayor, Anna Luten, barely slows as she nears a junction by one of the city’s central canals. Cycling is something the capital has become world famous for over the past 40 years and a whole generation of Amsterdammers have grown up so used to cycling that they have learned the skills necessary to effortlessly go with the flow – to be hyper-aware of their surroundings yet appear natural, says Anna. Like most Dutch children she cycled to school every day, helmet-free, and hasn’t looked back since her stabilisers came off. source

The Freedom of riding without a helmet “I remember it well ”

Are we any safer since the introduction of helmets? or just more tightly controlled and living in fear – fear of falling or the fear of being fined by the Govt for not complying ?

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