Spinning Benefits – Learn Why Spinners Are Winners !

Benefits Of Spinning Bikes

All The Clever People Are Spinners ?

I think you will agree, we all benefit from exercise, but not all of us are able to get to the gym as regularly as we would like, due to work or family commitments, injuries or aging … But the problem of being “Time Poor” is solved… Exercise at home!

Indoor cycling is unique, in that it can be adapted to suit anyone and any timetable, whatever your age, fitness level or body mass, a bike at home and you get to set the timetable and training intensity – if you are a social person you can also attend the gym spin classes occasionally when time permits – to be pushed to your limits…

Your fitness will improve dramatically. Your weight would fall rapidly.

This is why “Clever People Are Spinning”

What Are Spin Bikes?Keiser Spin Bike

Spin bikes are based on regular road bikes, designed to give competitive bike riders an indoor exercise bike that reflects their competition bike allowing them to train inside in a controlled environment year round whatever the time of day or weather conditions… It was quickly adopted by Gyms to give an intense cycling workout.

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… as cyclists, the two were looking to build a better stationary bike for cycling training and developed the first Johnny G Spinner using the ergonomics and geometry of a racing bike. Not satisfied with the components found on traditional stationary bikes, Spinning® was the first manufacturer to incorporate road bike geometry, clipless pedals, aero handlebars and racing saddles into its bikes. source : Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.  founded in 1994 by John Baudhuin and Johnny G

You dial in various levels of resistance to represent rolling or steep hill climbs or stand up and sprint… make your fitness routine more challenging… the high-quality models plug into a wall socket have computers to set your route and resistance – Tour de France anyone? The more common read-out tells you how fast you are going (cadence or RPMs), heart rate, distance traveled, and quite important – How many calories you have burnt ! … plus much more.

Can Anybody Do It ?

There are two ways you become a spinner, buy your own bike, or if you are a social person who likes the motivation of training in a group – join a Gym that offers spin classes – some advanced classes are very demanding the beginners class is the best place to start ! If the gym environment is not for you ? buying a spin bike is the best option ride it at home at your pace, you even get to choose the music.

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The spinning trend is not new it has been around for many years and extends to every corner of the globe, there will be a spin class somewhere near you.

Gyms have adopted and adapted classes to suit both fit and unfit…

In most cases,  experienced riders are led by a very fit over hyped instructor who’s sole aim is to push you past your limits… in a positive way of course.

The Best Part ?

Once you develop good bike fitness and technique you will love the noise and group energy of your spin class … it is an amazing way to stay fit, lose weight and keep it off, a good instructor, surrounded by other spinners, will push you harder than you could ever hope to do at home – riding alone.

You can’t stop or slow with the instructor shouting at you to go faster – Push! Push! Push! … this nightmare magical moment??? lasts 30-50 minutes with a warm up and cool down period.

Try it you might like it ?  For me, I’m happy with a spin bike at home and the peace and quiet of riding my mountain bike in the forest… Spinning class is perfect for those of you who need that little extra push to motivate them into a set exercise routine.

What’s The Real Story ?

Broadly speaking there are two types of spinners – those that want to improve their fitness and use spinning to maintain a healthy weight, this group often thrive on the motivation gained fromBenefits of Using Spin Bikes group fitness sessions.

Apparently from what I have read,  spinning or any form of cycling helps to stimulate the endocrine system that controls the hormones produced in the body that are responsible for weight gain… Hmmm sounds encouraging ? What I do know for sure, is regular spin classes will help to reduce excess body fat from regions like stomach, thigh, butt and hip area you can expect to burn an average of 500 calories by cycling on a stationary bike for just 50 minutes.

Type Two ?

Also, very fit athletes or pro cyclists choose to spin to maintain off-season fitness, whatever your chosen sport, spinning is a great way to do this.

You’d be surprised how many athletes that have adopted spinning to help them stay in shape all year round. Winter bike riding in many regions of the world is not a lot of fun no matter how fit you are, in fact, it is rather difficult and dangerous to cycle outside when the roads are covered in snow and ice.

This is one of the major benefits of spin bikes, you can develop and maintain a consistent fitness routine by cycling indoors 365 days out of the year making it quite simple to keep up your leg strength and endurance year round, when your season comes back around you will be in great shape, allowing you to quickly handle the physical challenges of regular training – whatever your chosen sport.

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Weight Loss From Spinning ?

Spend an hour on a spinning bike and you can easily burn  500 plus calories, that’s twice as many as walking… Spinners when they start out are simply trying to maintain their fitness & health, many are serious about losing weight – as already stated riding a spin bike on a regular basis is a sure way to accomplish all of this…But you still have to do the work and it can hurt if you are not fit.

If you are not “bike fit” it will seem very difficult at first… don’t push yourself to hard when you first begin, after awhile your cardiovascular endurance will increase your leg strength will improve  then spinning will become enjoyable – as it gets easier, then the cycling addiction sets in, you will almost certainly want to challenge yourself by pushing harder & faster for longer periods as you increase the peddling resistance – it is when you reach this level of fitness that you receive the full benefit from spinning.

How Can You Actually Use This ?

Best of all, spin bikesSpin Bikes can allow people with knee and joint problems to get a quality workout even more so than with a regular bicycle. Spin bikes when ridden properly put less pressure on your knee joints, this due in part to the heavy flywheel, designed to promote a smooth natural pedal stroke. (something the average cyclist can’t maintain on a regular bike)

This smooth pedal stroke greatly reduces the risk of joint or muscle injury, this is a major benefit of spinning many experts agree on…  people of all ages can and should use spin bikes to stay in shape, so just because you are unfit at the moment or are getting up in age ?  is no valid excuse for not spinning your way to perfect fitness or spin to achieve your ideal weight.

They are great for rehab or injury prevention as they strengthen without stressing knee or ankle joints – spin bikes or cycling is often recommended when recovering from knee injuries – I discovered this when I dislocated my patella.

Should competitive Cyclists Spin ?

While in the past the term spinning was used in cycling circles when working at a high pedal turnover, or cadence at a gear that is easy (used frequently in the phrase, “spin to win”), spinning is now most commonly used when referring to the workouts done on a stationary bike either at home or fitness center in a class.

Pros and Cons:

If you have up to now just ridden a regular bike and are going to try out spinning, there are a few benefits you will find and some warnings. First, the feeling of spinning will seem very easy at first compared to being on a regular road bike.

With virtually no resistance you will find it easy to turn quickly and experience what is known as, “spinning out”, or moving so fast you lose control of the pedals. But once you add resistance you can make it much tougher on yourself. You also can ‘stand’ on the pedals to simulate riding uphill or against wind resistance.

You do need to make sure you have enough pedal resistance to support your body, and in fact, most spin classes will have you crank the resistance to 80 or 90% of what you can push at some point.

Bike Fitness = Tight Buns

You will find most good quality spin bikes are fully adjustable to the point you can make the bike fit you… not quite to point it fits exactly like your road bike but close enough, if you add a set of clipless pedals and use your usual cycling shoes you will find riding a spin bike quite easy to adjust to, it will certainly improve your leg and cardiovascular fitness.

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So yes, spinning will benefit your bike riding in many ways, it is a great way to improve your health, your bike fitness, leg strength and in some cases your riding ability.

Whether you ride in a spinning class or alone, you can to a certain extent control how hard you workout, it is a great way to find a comfortable but challenging point to begin your fitness training.

Ride Safe ?  Spin at Home…

If you are used to regularly training on a road or tri bike, you may find spinning a touch easier and more relaxing than your normal riding… due to the fact you have complete control over resistance and effort required as well as your environment. This luxury allows you to really focus on your workout rather contending with Pollution, Road Rage,  Aggressive Dogs, Dodgy Weather…  “it’s a jungle out there” !   take a day off – chill out – spin at home…

If you are a social person you are sure enjoy the positive vibe and motivation from riding next to other spinners in a class or you are a private person you could buy your own bike and spin at home – zone out as you listen to your favorite music.

Depending on the terrain you normally ride, you may find spinning even more challenging. Typically spinners like to get out of the saddle regularly to change things up (they dial in the equivalent of a steep hill climb). That alone can make a spinning beneficial to regular bike riders to improve core and upper body strength and balance.

Sexy Legs ?

If you are finding your terrain and conditions are not challenging enough on your regular circuit, fear not, as a spin bike has nearly unlimited resistance to challenge and develop your legs muscular strength and endurance.
Spinning is a great compliment to regular bike riding, no matter who you are and what you ride.
Whether it is a cheap spin bike at home or an expensive machine at the gym, with regular use your cycling and fitness will lift to another level  it may even keep you on track when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

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I don’t know much about biking, but a couple of my friends are joining a spinning class at the gym this new year and I’m considering doing it to. I know that exercise overall is a good thing, but what makes spinning better than rowing or something else like that?

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    Hi Hannah, spinning classes will give you an intense cardio workout as well as build leg fitness… so I would recommend you join your friends and join the spinning classes, you could also add rowing for upper body fitness, thanks for your comment

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