Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Spin Bike [2020 Review]

Sunny Spin Bike

Sunny Belt Drive Spin BikeThis  Spin Bike is one of the few Indoor Bikes priced under $400 that comes with the much sort after super quiet, Belt Drive System.

On the face of it… It is a bargain.

But is it a one-trick pony?

What most bike riders will appreciate right off the bat, and I personally love is the heavy flywheel.

Why this matters is a little complex and best left for geeks and those who want every detail explained?

But the simple easy to understand reasons for larger heavier flywheels is the high inertia gives you a smooth realistic ride very close to your road or mountain bike, as well as helps avoid knee injuries.

Add to this the almost silent Belt Drive and Excellent Price… This bike ticks a lot of boxes!

Great Price!

You will often Sunny Spin Bikes for sale on Amazon for special prices… making this cheap bike a bargain spin bike…

At its current sale price around $329.99 down from $499!

Good Luck – finding a better deal?

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Smooth & Quiet

A  smooth, quiet indoor cycling bike that makes home-based exercise convenient and effective.

What do I mean by smooth?

The heavy-duty 49 lb. Flywheel and Belt Drive work together to ensure a smooth action when pedaling.

These are high-end features, normally reserved for top of the line bikes, selling at premium prices…

The heavy flywheel, crank and steel frame ensure it is a sturdy, stable, bike for everyone, including larger riders.

Fully adjustable seat and up and down adjustment for the handlebars.

A fairly basic easily adjustable resistance knob which also acts as the emergency brake when pressed down this is a common safety measure available on all spin bikes.

This is especially important if you often ride the bike around small children.

Main Features

  • Equipped with a metal bottle holder.
  • Transportation wheels make it easy to move.
  • Maximum user weight: 275 LBS.
  • Frame warranty is for one year.
  • 49 lb. flywheel.
  • Belt drive.
  • Fully adjustable seat – up/down – forward/backward.
  • Adjustable Handlebars – up/down.

One Small Issue

It’s a bit picky, but I don’t like the resistance tension knob, as it utilizes – continuously turning adjustment.

Turn right to tighten the tension (and make it harder to pedal), turn left to ease off and make it easier.

It’s the way all cheap spinning bikes work…Sunny Spin Bike

With this method, however, there’s no way to “Index” or “bookmark” a location so you know you returned to the same point each time you ride.

In other words, you turn the dial to make it hard to pedal one day but there’s no way to know if you have turned the dial to the same spot when you want to repeat the same workout the next day.

As I said, that’s awfully picky…

But it is the one checkmark, I would have liked to put in the plus column for this spinning bike.

Despite this, when you take into account the small amount of money, you would pay for this bike! – it is an amazing bike to ride.

Compared to some of the cheaper Sunny Spin Bikes I have test ridden in the past – it’s light-years in front!

I don’t like to use the term often, but this a “Bargain Buy” at this low price – with the full feature list that is standard on this bike!


  • Belt Drive – very quiet
  • Heavy flywheel – 49 lbs
  • Great  price – under $500
  • Emergency brake
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fully adjustable seat -up/down and forward/aft

Not So Great:

  • No fore or aft adjustment for the handle bars
  • Seat is uncomfortable for larger people
  • Pedals are not clipless – straps only
  • Warranty 1 year for the frame. 3 Months for parts

I would choose the  Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike over all others mostly because of it’s reputation and solid reviews from past buyers on Amazon.

The belt drive is a welcomed bonus.

Heavy Flywheel [49 lbs]

Also it has one of the heaviest flywheels in this price range.

For me, the heavy well-balanced flywheel is a must-have if you going to train often and long hours on your bike.

A heavy flywheel produces a smooth pedaling, especially if you are using cycling shoes, being clipped into spd pedals combined with heavy flywheel will help you keep correct form when spinning, this, in turn, reduces the chance of ankle or knee strain.

I find these bikes are similar to riding my mountain bike which is great as I mainly use spin bikes to maintain fitness if I can’t get out on a mountain bike trail.

Sunny Spin Bike With Belt Drive

The fact this spin bike uses a belt to drive instead of a chain is the main selling point to my way of thinking this a major improvement over previous budget models from Sunny Sports.

It just so happens, I have always wanted a belt-driven spin bike.

I still can’t believe I found one so cheap.

You will find them much quieter with a lot less maintenance needed to keep spinning for a relatively small outlay.

No more cleaning and oiling that noisy dirty chain.

Out Of The Box

I’m always happy when things actually fit together and work straight out of the box.

It’s great to save money on stationary bikes when buying online, but they have to be simple to bolt together and get riding.

I don’t have the patience for confusing complex instructions or dealing with a poor design…

The Sunny Bikes being simple in design are easy to put together.

Replace The Seat/Pedals

One thing I would recommend you do if you expect to spend a lot of time on this spin bike?exercise bikes

Is replace the current seat and pedals.

Simply, install SPD clipless pedals and a Specialized or similar saddle for extra riding comfort – You will notice the difference!

Clipless pedals and SPD cleats fitted to your new mountain bike shoes will clip straight in to your spin bike.

I guarantee, a couple of small changes like these…

You will be in spinning heaven!

Saddle/Handlebars Adjustment

The saddle adjustment works well enough, as it went up and down and you can move the saddle fore and aft on its rails to get the right fit for your height and reach.

So this bike is easy to adjust for the average rider.

The handlebars only have an up and down adjustment which limits the bikes adjustment a little bit, it will only affect very short or very tall people (no adjustment fore or aft).

I’m 5-9″ and I’m very pleased with my fit on the bike it is very comfortable and I’ve had a few long sessions on it.


Sunny Belt Drive Spin BikeSunny Health & Fitness produce and sell some very nice spin bikes along with a couple of “cheap spinning bikes” in most cases you get what you pay for.

But with the Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike you get much more…

To get Belt Drive, Heavy Flywheel, Solid build like this would normally cost twice as much.

So I have no hesitation in recommending this spin bike to anyone looking for a well priced reliable spinning bike for your home gym.

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