Should You Be Tracking Your Health Stats?

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Biking For HealthTracking your health stats is easier today than ever has been, wearables are a reasonable price and quite trendy right now. whether you rely on the chest straps commonly used on exercise bikes or smart watches for runners you will have all the information and more you could ever hope for.

But what should you be tracking and how do you use the information to improve your fitness

Tracking your sleep patterns or how much sugar you consume can help you visualize the bigger picture. With this information available to you, it’s easier to figure out what you need to do to improve your health.

You might be wondering: Okay, so what should I be tracking? Your health depends on sleep, stress, fitness, food and more, so tracking a little of everything can be helpful. If that feels like too much, consider your goals and how tracking the following stats can help you reach them, and then focus on that data alone.

Health professionals recommend taking 10,000 steps, or walking, jogging or running five miles a day. This amount of daily activity can help you maintain your weight, lower blood pressure levels and improve cardiovascular fitness levels.

While the average resting heart rate rises with age, it’s typically anywhere from 60-100 beats per minute. This number is generally lower for people who are physically fit because their hearts don’t have to work as hard to process and maintain the flow of oxygen. Check with your health professional to determine what your goal heart rate should be during rest and activity. read full article

What use is all this information for the average Joe or Josephine – Simply, a wearable and the stats it gives you becomes your personal trainer, It maybe just me but I find the harder I train the more it feels I’m staying in the same spot – fitness wise.

But with the clear easy to follow feedback from my smart watch, I can see real progress for what it is and just keep pushing through negative thoughts and self-doubt that occasionally creeps into long boring training sessions.

Information is a motivator whatever your fitness level or age, once you begin to see trackable improvements on your chosen device week over week, this will push you to do better, to push harder for longer, well into the next month, next year…

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