Winter Road Bike Training With Rollers

Cycling Shoes In Snow

Do you have trouble motivating yourself to train in the depths of winter do you kid yourself too much snow on the ground, what if I get a flat tyre? “is a good excuse” to stay inside?

You need to get your s@#%t together and read

I live in an area that has on average 4 meters of snowfall each winter and temperatures routinely get down below -18 Celsius. What to do? How to use the rollers or the stationary bike stand you hate?

What about the snow? what about ice? what about falling? All these things are valid concerns, but hey, you’re on this Icebike site – there are all kinds of resources here regarding technique.

Here’s how to survive it: read full article

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No excuses put on your cycling shoes, clip-in, and get out there, You soon warm up!

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