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Hello and welcome to Online Bikes Shop.
My name is Ian and I'm on a mission to give you easy to understand cycling advice.
Online Bikes Shop was established in 2014 with the goal to provide practical actionable advice to our readers. Whatever your skill set or riding experience our reviews and buying tips will always be easy to follow...
So many bike sites are over technical and difficult to understand I wanted Online Bikes Shop to be different - useful but readable.
You don't need to be a pro rider to read our blog !

My Story. I love cycle touring on mountain bikes.
Now I'm settled with a family I don't get to travel that much but I do live close to some of the best single tracks in New Zealand...
My cycle touring started along time ago on a clunky cheap mountain bike that needed constant repairs it taught me the traps of taking bad advice but also taught me the basics of bike repairs and maintenance.
The aim of our website is to ensure you don't fall into those same traps instead you buy a bike you are proud to own.

Bike Locks Are Essential

bike locks

Lock It With The Best...

Bicycle Maintenance

Bike Repair Video Course

Sunny Spin Bike, Clip-in Pedals… [2021 Review]
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M3 Plus Spin Bike

Keiser M3 Plus

We Compare the amazing Keiser M3 with the Schwinn AC Performance !

Benefits Of Spinning

Spinning Benefits

Do you want to burn 500 calories sitting down ?
Start Spinning Now...

Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser's

Rediscover the essence of cycling - Beach Cruiser's scream... Sun Fun Freedom !

kids mountain bikes

Best Mountain Bikes For Kids

Benefits Of Bike Riding

Bike Riding Benefits

Cycling Safety

 Cycling Safety

What is a hybrid bike

What Is A Hybrid Bike ?

Amazing Video Course

Bicycle Maintenance

Develop independence,

Sack your bike mechanic,

Save a fortune... check out these easy to follow profesional videos

Don't Pay your Bike Mechanic another cent !

Serious Bike Mechanics

Park Bike Tool

A huge range of tools to tackle
bike repairs like a Pro
If you work on your own bikes
you need this tool kit

Weekend Warriors

This is a great entry level tool kit for basic repairs at home
All you need if
you are just starting out
as a DIY bike mechanic
When your skill level increases
You can easily add to the kit...

Smart Riders

Smart riders don't leave home without basic spares and quality tools - this is one of the best, portable and light, it will
get you home if it all turns
bad on the trail...