Benefits Of Bike Riding

Benefits Of Bike Riding

Bike Riding :

The benefits from bike riding are many as they are varied… Whatever your age 4 to 84 whether you choose a spin bike or mountain bike there is a bike to suit you and the common thread is we will all feel the benefits from riding our bikes.

Why is it that we are all introduced to bike riding when we are young but you see far fewer adults riding around?

Is it because kids are allowed or expected to have more fun than adults?

Is it because as we grow older and gain responsibilities and work and our time becomes less our own, we just can’t find space in our busy lives to ride a bike? Or is bicycling a metaphor for the loss of youth, a sign of the maturation of man?

However you look at it, bike riding is and always will be a passage back to the days when fun things mattered more than money and joy was a daily emotion.

Most activities of our childhood are frowned upon when pursued as a grown-up. Coloring on walls, drinking from the garden hose and swinging on swings until dark are just not feasible for us anymore. These are replaced by turning in reports, daily coffee to keep us going, and balancing our monthly budgets.

The real tragedy, as we mature, is that lack of exercise in our daily lives will slowly degrade our health and reduces our mobility as our weight increases… stripping the fun out of life – small physical challenges like riding a bike to work or to the shops steps us out of our sedentary routine, gives us a break from the mid-week mundane, instead of just  living for the weekend when your time is often invested in recovery and preparing for the next week.

Daily exercise whether on a mountain bike or an exercise bike gives you the energy to move forward with your head up and puts a smile on your face.

Physical Benefits Of Bike Riding :

  • every muscle group gets a low impact workout
  • cardiovascular,  lifting your heart rate up will keep it strong
  • weight loss…have you ever tried bike riding for weight loss, a daily bike ride will burn unwanted calories and go a long way towards controlling your weight.
  • increase your stamina

So even as an adult, there remains a glint of something else. An ember inside that still glows and wants to experience that joy we can barely remember.
And there’s one place that allows you to see that more clearly than just about anywhere else: seated on a bicycle.

The simple act of pedaling and riding with the wind in your face is an act of juvenile indulgence.

Take the time to rediscover the benefits of bike riding, It is an easy way to balance the things that will make us far too old far too fast.

There are the many statistics that prove exercise and brisk physical activity will extend our lives and keep our bodies in better shape. But what about the heart and the soul becoming younger. The rebel spirit being fed with an escape on two wheels. The child in us all being allowed to ride a little too fast, a little too far.

Bike Riding Benefits Your Mind :

  • mental focus, exercise helps fuel the mind and increases focus
  • stress relief,  pedal fast enough your worries get left behind or at least they are easier to manage
  • bike riding like many forms of exercise builds a positive attitude.

After all, what good is it to work to control and grow in our lives if we can’t use some of that time to reconnect with what got us here? The pure accomplishment of riding the first time without help. The thrill of racing against a parent’s car or a friend or just seeing how far we can go. The true reasons that we first got on a bicycle.

Our busy lives may keep us moving, but it takes a toll, our minds become heavy and sluggish, a bike will transport us over pavements, trail, and rock but the real benefit is the cleansing lift it gives our mind.

So kick off your training wheels and get back to experiencing the challenges that brought us to cycling in the first place: the joy, the fun, and the pure happiness that is a life in motion.

About the Author Ian

Ian is the Chief Editor here at OnlineBikesShop, a reformed Cycle Traveler... now a dedicated stay-at-home dad of a very active 5 yr old, a keen mountain biker with a passion for all types of bikes, the outdoors, and keeping fit...

Lillian Schaeffer says

I like how you mentioned that biking gives every muscle group a low impact workout. I’ve been thinking about starting to bike to try and lose some weight and get in shape, but my bicycle has some issues that I don’t know how to fix. Maybe it would be a good idea to take it to a bike shop to see if they could fix it so I can get out there and become more active.

Debbe Scales-Taylor says

I will be purchasing a new bike today. And the comments that you made about the benefits of bike riding are encouraging. Thanks

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