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My First Triathlon – Triathlon Tips

First Triathlon Tips & Tricks: In the past 10 years, a new craze has swept the endurance world. It is the half-marathon. While for many people the marathon has been the holy grail of endurance events,

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Tri Bikes, What do You Need ? – Tri Bike vs Road Bike ?

Tri Bikes : There are a plethora of bikes styles and models based on what you want to do: commute to work, climb mountains, conquer woodland trails, race over hills, or anything else. Some bikes are very

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Best Triathlon Bikes – Buying An Entry Level Triathlon Bike!

Best Triathlon Bikes For those of you who have never done a triathlon but are considering it, one of the biggest investments you will make is your bike. Compared to running/cycling shoes and gear, a swimsuit,

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