How To Choose Kryptonite Bike Locks

choosing bike locks

Use the chart above to help decide exactly what bike lock you need or Click on the Chart to read our extensive bike lock article – if you feel the need for more information, on what lock you need, and why you need it…

Though they do the same job. Not all bike locks are the same, matching the lock to your needs will save you lots of money – Always good.

As well in some cases, if you choose your lock wisely you can drastically reduce the weight and bulk of your lock …

Why carry a huge beefy chain lock when all you need is a cheap cable lock.

From the commuter smiling through gridlock to the vertical adventurer showing another mountain who’s boss. From the rookie, triathlete gearing up for that first race to the battle-scarred courier always at war with the clock. From the couple whose every vacation begins and ends on two wheels to that kid tasting real freedom for the first time. We help cyclists protect a piece of themselves, to guard the two-wheeled life that defines them. Thieves suck.

Kryptonite introduced its Anti-Theft Protection Offer. This optional offer set a security category standard and proves Kryptonite stands behind its products and gives customers an additional peace of mind.  Often imitated, never duplicated.

The industry was revolutionized by the K-4 U-Lock. This U-Lock became the inspiration for modern day U-Locks, won various awards and is placed in multiple museums around the world: source

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Video – One Of The Best Locks From Kryptonite

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